Web Design

So I’m really into Web Design. I’ve been making websites for people for around two years, but have never had to make one, a proper one for school. (I’ve made things like small eportfolios of the work I have done and eBooks) But now, I have been tasked of making two! So excited!

One is for my IT class. It involves making an eCommerce site for a small PC shop. It won’t need to have any ‘purchase online’ features because it’s only a small, independent store. Which is nice. Also with this project I’ll have to make an interface for the staff of the shop to use when ordering new stock, looking up prices, etc. That’s not Web Design though, is it.

And the other one that I’ll need to make is like an ‘official’ website for a short film we’ll be making in Media Studies. That one is not too hard. It will just need a trailer (which is what we’re going to be making) and a small amount of information about the film. Looking at other sites of this type, there are also wallpaper/poster downloads that are available. This is a good thing because the other thing that we will have to make for this task is a poster of the film. It’s nice that it will all come together like that.

I have to say that the thing I am most excited about is the IT project(s). This is because I have never had the opportunity to make an interface with multiple tables running in the background. I think it will be a good learning curve/experience. But being able to make a website is good news because I am finaly able to play on my strength in a subject.


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