Movie 43

Many of you will have heard of Movie 43 and how terrible it is. But, it’s more than likely that you haven’t actually seen it, you’re just going on what other people who are pretending they have seen it are telling you.

You’d think a film with little, or no plot, would be horrible to watch, but surprisingly, it wasn’t. Movie 43 follow the journey that three boys take across the internet looking for a banned video named, as expected, Movie 43. Along the way, they find many videos that both shock and discuss them. This film looks at the videos that these boys find.

When I was first thinking about writing this, I had the plan of looking at each scene and insulting it as best I could. But thinking about it, there really isn’t too much that is wrong with it. Many of the reviews for Movie 43 criticise the lack of any interesting plot. But really, what comedy film has an outstanding plot?

Looking at this film from a point of view of; How many laughs did it cause?  It’s not bad. Guaranteed, you will laugh. One particular scene is very funny.

I have to give a balanced opinion on the film though. So, let’s criticize:

This film is full of ridiculous, dumb sex jokes. It’s full of stupid, unintelligent toilet jokes. This film is full of jokes that would not entertain the calibre of people who enjoy comedies which are considered modern classics. This film would not entertain anybody who is expecting to be amused from start to finish.

The complete and utter lack of any meaningful or substantial humour is both disgusting and disappointing.  That fact that such high profile celebrities would want to be part of a film that lacks anything worth writing home about is beyond me. This film should have never been made!

There, that’s the criticizing over.

Overall, I would say that this film is not worth spending the £15 on purchasing the Blu-Ray, but don’t worry. It will soon be in the £1 Bargain Bin with the rest of the films that never made it.


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