Bedtime Stories

We’ve all seen an Adam Sandler film, and most of us enjoyed it, but thought that it was just too childish and silly. This is still what is to be expected in Bedtime Stories.

Admittedly, this is a Disney film that is primarily aimed at children, but having Sandler in it will undoubtedly attract a wider audience. But despite that, this film is still full of the usual silliness that can be seen in most other Sandler films.

The plot, as like most Adam Sandler films lacks depth and any real meaning. The films follows a character named Skeeter (Sandler) who is the son of the man who onced owned the hotel of which he works. The current owner promised, to Skeeters’ father,  to allow Skeeter to run the hotel. But, as is to be expected, this hasn’t happened. Instead, Skeeter is the Janitor of the hotel, but when he is sent to fix the television in the Boss’s room, he gets offered the chance to become the Managing Director of the Hotel.

Whilst having to babysit his Niece and Nephew, Skeeter realizes that the bedtime stories that he is telling are coming true in real life.* Using this to his full advantage, Skeeter attempts to tell a bedtime story that will allow him to become the Manager of the hotel. **

We are introduced to a pet Hamster named Bugsy in the film. Bugsy is Hamster with unusually large eyes, which is obviously a way for the writers to work in a bunch of gags based upon his eyes just to fill up space in the film. One can imagine the writers thinking; Oh, we need to make this scene a bit longer… hmmmmm. I’ve got it! A joke about the Hamsters eyes! Yes, that’s the ticket. When in reality, these gags just fall flat after the first.

This film is full of the regular Sandler clichés; the silly jokes, Sandler screaming at the top of his lungs, Rob Schneider, Sandler in shorts. So, on the whole, this is just another Adam Sandler film that is nothing special, despite being produced by Disney.

* Cue dramatic music

** Replay said dramatic music


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