Why I Hate TLDR

TLDR or TL;DR stands for Too Long; Didn’t Read. This is typically placed at the end of a long blog post to summarise it. Which can then be read by the people who didn’t want to read the long version. For example:

TDLR: My day has been great, I did many things.

It’s not the people who don’t want to read the whole post but rather just have a short summary, it’s the people who would write a long, thought out post and then add something that is encouraging the readers, not to read it.

It’s like an author writing a book, taking months and months, possibly years thinking about it, planning it and then writing it. Only to add at the end

TLDR: The Main Characters live happily ever after.

What’s the point?! If your going to spend the time writing a long, detailed blog post, you shouldn’t want people to just bypass it. To me, that shows that you really don’t care about what you have put so much time into.

TLDR: I really don’t like TLDR.


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