BBC Has Plans to Get Schools Coding

The British Broadcasting Company have plans to get students understanding, reading and writing code in schools. They are doing this because they are worried that the vital skills are no longer being taught in schools in the UK.

This, I feel, is a brilliant move that the BBC are making. I would have loved the opportunity to learn various programming languages at school, rather than doing on my own at home.

We are currently undergoing a project in Sixth Form where we are making a game. Most people are doing theirs for a class within the school. IT and Geography, for example. Because we weren’t taught programming in school, we had to spend the time learing Macromedia Flash 8.

We can all be grateful that the BBC will be getting some decent software in for these schools.  Having to use an outdated software is really not helpful when one is trying to build a modern game. Macromedia? This doesn’t even exist as a company anymore, and we’re still using the software that has no doubt been increased greatly b Adobe. It’s the same for almost all of the software that we have in the school.

A range of tools would be made available to give people “the skills to solve problems, tell stories and build new business in the digital world”, it added. – Rory Cellan-Jones. BBC Technology Correspondent

This project will begin in 2015.


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