More Web Design

Although this is technically a blog post, I see it more as a way for me to get my head around what I will have to do for the projects I’m currently undergoing.

So, for IT, we have been given the chance to redo one of the first projects that we ever did. This is because a lot of us didn’t really get very good marks, for one reason or another. I’m taking this chance.

It will involve me making an eBook that would be part of a time-capsule to be read some time in the future, and also creating a portfolio page for this, and any other work, to be stored.

Now, I understand how to build websites, so this part is easy. In fact, I built the portfolio in around two hours with no major problems. But the eBook is another story all together.

First is the layout. Because I am used to building conventional websites, I don;t really know what an eBook should look like. I think the problem is that, an eBook as I understand it is literally a book that can be viewed on a digital device, like on a Kindle or whatever.

But, we’re having to make an eBook that is interactive, with multiple menus that the user can click through to go to the content that they want to see. So in fact, it isn’t really any eBook at all, but instead an actual website with a strange type of navigation.

Many people in the class have opted for a small website on the page, like a square, in which the content will appear. To me, personally, this is a dumb way of doing it because they will not be able to utilize all the space that they have available to them. And one of the specifications of the eBook is that there is no, or minimal, scrolling. So, with this design, these people are going to need to either make more pages, and more work for them selves, or use a smaller font, therefore potentially making it hard to read.

Taking this into consideration, I have completely re-designed my original eBook to make more room for the actual content of the eBook. Below, you can see two screenshots, one of the first design and one of the new re-redesign.

First Design

eBook Design One

Here, you can see that the design of the first eBook is not very appealing, in fact, it looks pretty horrible. This is because we were stuck using Microsoft Front Page and I did’t know a lot about hand coding a website.

This screenshot doesn’t really show this, but the first design of the eBook doesn’t use a lot of the space on the screen. It’s positioned at the left hand side of the page.

Second Design

eBook Design Two

This design of the eBook is far more effective at utilizing the available space on the screen. It stretches from left to right and top to bottom. The Menu at the top, right-hand side of the screen makes it far more easy one the eye.

Overall, I am more confident that I will do better this time around that last, because I understand web design more than I did last year. I also feel that I am able to write better than last year, so I should hopefully get more marks for the written side of the project.



  1. Nice stuff Samuel keep it up! Surprised that your school is teaching you using Frontpage however you seem indeed keen to code which is great! Coding should always be a priority as software such as dreamweaver and frontpage can misguide you into a comfort zone of using programs opposed to knowledge. Good luck mate.

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