Breaking Bad – The Aftermath | Part One

As Skyler approached the two white double doors in front of her, she had a moment of hesitation. Completely stopping in her tracks, she stood, looking around her at the car park. A man dressed in a grey jumper, with black trousers and shoes stood leaning against a wall, below a sign that read the words “Morgue”.

Spotting Skyler, the man began to walk towards her. “Are you ready?” He said as he approached the spot Skyler was standing. She didn’t say anything back, but simply nodded to the man and began to walk again, in the direction of the two double doors.

After entering the morgue and walking down a flight of stairs, they were greeted by a man wearing a bright white lab coat. For the first time since entering the building, Skyler became aware of her surroundings.

The corridor that they were standing was almost completely white. There were various signs on the walls telling the viewer to wash their hands before entering any of the rooms branching off from the corridor they were standing in. Also in the corridor, the was one chair with a table sitting next to it, on top of which were a number of neatly arranged magazines.

“Hello Skyler. I understand that this is a hard thing to do.” Skyler stopped looking around at the walls and stared straight at the man speaking to her. “Why do I need to do this? You know who he is, so I don’t see why I need to be here” Skyler replied to the man in a voice containing a mixture of sadness and anger. Her voice was hoarse, as though she had been crying for a long period of time.

“We need a blood relation to officially identify the body. I’m sorry it had to be you, I can see you don’t want to be here” The man replied to Skyler, in a more sympathetic tone that he had used before. Skyler did not say anything to this, but looked down. She spotted that the man was wearing a badge with his own face on, and the name “Dr. Jason Cline” next to it.

Noticing that Skyler no longer wanted to talk about this looked over at the man who had walked Skyler into the morgue. “Steve,” he said to him “could you stay here?” The man motioned to Jason that this was not a problem, and sat on the chair that was beside him. He began to flip through one of the magazines from the table situated next to the chair.

Dr. Cline opened the door and held it for Skyler. Without looking at the doctor she walked through the door into the small, cold room on the other side. At the opposite end of the room to the door, there was a metal table, on top of which was a body shaped lump that was covered by a white sheet.

“Do you want to wait a little while before I show you the body, or do you want to do it now?” Cline said to Skyler. “No,” Skyler said back “let’s get this over with.” The two of them walked over to the table. The Doctor raised his arm over the part of the lump that was shaped like the head, and gripped the sheet. “Are you sure?” Again, Skyler did not reply, but simply nodded back. This time however, she did not look down, her eyes were fixed just below the hand of the Doctor.

Seeing her nod, the Doctor slowly pulled down the sheet. First, Skyler could see a shaved head appear, then eyes, nose, a mouth. In what felt like an eternity, Skyler could finally see the full face of head dead husband. This was the first time that she had seen Walts face in two days.

Walts face was far paler than it usually was, his eyes were sunken into his head and his lips were not as pink as they usually were.

From the corner of her eye, she saw the Doctor turn and look at her. She tried to speak, but no words would come out of her mouth. “It’s okay, take your time” Dr. Cline said, clearly seeing that this was hard for Skyler.

Five minutes had passed before Jason spoke once more. “Is this him?” he asked tentatively. “Yes” Skyler replied. “I need some fresh air.” “Of course” the Doctor said.

They walked out of the room, once more into the corridor where the man was sitting. He had flicked through all of the magazines and was now playing a game on his phone. Upon seeing Skyler and Jason, he put the phone away and stood up.

“Do you think you’ll want to come back and see him again?” the Doctor said to Skyler. “No, ” she replied “I just want to go home.” With that Dr. Jason Cline said thank you to both of them, and walked back into room in which Walt was lying. Both of them walked along the corridor, through the reception area of the morgue and out into the fresh air.

“Jack?” Skyler said, turning to the man next to her “Why did you have to come with me?” The man, looked at Skyler and said back “They sent me to make sure you actually went in. You did stop halfway to the door, I guess they thought you might not do it.” Skyler turned to Jack, gave a sad sort of smile and walked over to her car. Jack remained were he was.

Skyler unlocked the door to her beaten, old car and sat inside. Reaching over to the clove compartment on the passenger side, she pulled out a mobile phone. Skyler opened up her contacts and scrolled to “S”. Upon finding the same she wanted, she dialled. Several rings of the phone, the receiver picked up.

Without waiting for the person on the other end to speak, Skyler said “Saul, we need to talk”.

The name Breaking Bad are licensed and owned by Sony Entertainment. Along with the following characters:

  • Walter White
  • Skyler White
  • Saul Goodman

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