Breaking Bad – The Aftermath | Part Two

“Saul, we need to talk”.

Again, without waiting for Saul to reply, she hung up the phone and threw it onto the ripped passenger seat beside her. Reaching again into the glove compartment, she pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lighted the first one she found. Skyler sat there for a long timing, smoking the cigarette, thinking about what she was going to say to Saul.

After throwing the cigarette butt out of her window, she put the car into drive and pulled away from the morgue. Skyler reached the highway when she heard her phone ring. Pulling it up, the name “Saul Goodman” prominently displayed on the screen, she answered.

“I’ve told you Skyler, I’m not your lawyer any more. I’m packed and I’m leaving” Saul Goodman yelled, without waiting for Skyler to speak first. “In understand, ” Skyler replied to the furious man on the other end of the line “I just need you to put me in touch with a few people. That’s all.” There were a few moments hesitation from Saul, before he eventually replied “Okay. Come into my office.” Skyler once again tossed her phone onto the passenger seat, flicked the radio on and drove to meet Saul.

Pulling up outside of the dilapidated solicitor’s office, Skyler could see Saul inside the reception room. He was running to and forth, picking up and putting down boxes of all sizes.  The door to the building was bearing a sign displaying the word “Closed” in a very striking font. Wondering what Saul was going to do with when he left, she opened her door and stepped out.

Saul must have seen her walking up to his door, because before she could reach out to grab the handle, it moved away from her as Saul had pulled the door from the opposite side. The “Closed” sign rattled noisily as it tapped against the window.

“Get in quick, ” Saul said in an almost inaudible whisper whilst looking around to see if anyone was looking in their direction “I don’t want anyone to see you here.” He practically pulled Skyler into the waiting room before slamming and locking the door behind them.

“You can’t stay long” Saul was speaking in a normal, albeit nervous, voice now that they were out-of-earshot of any nosy passers-by “I have a plane to catch.” Skyler began to speak to Saul, as though she did not hear what he had just said to her. “I need you to put me in touch with Jesse Pinkman”

“Skyler, I..” He realized what he was about to say, and changed into a much more sympathetic voice “I haven’t, no one has, heard from him since Walt, your husband, died. “Skyler did not break eye contact with Saul “But you have his phone number?” In the same sympathetic tone Saul said “No. The number I have doesn’t work anymore.”

Skyler looked visibly disappointed at this news. But her voice did not reflect this. “You must know someone who’ll be in contact with him?” Saul looked slightly annoyed with Skyler as he began to pace around the small room. It took him a while to reply, but he eventually said “It might be a long shot, but there’s a kid named Badger who used to do a bit of work with Pinkman. I can give you his number.” Skyler smiled at this piece of information, and replied “Badger?” “Yes, “Saul replied “Stupid street name, don’t know his real one.”

Saul moved over to the door that led into his office. “I’ll go find it.” Without saying another word, he opened the door and walked through, leaving Skyler alone in the small waiting room of the office.

Several minutes passed before Saul re-appeared back through the door. He was brandishing two pieces of paper. One, Skyler could see, had a name and a hastily sprawled number on it, and the other, to Skyler looked like a letter. “Here” Saul said as he reached Skyler, holding out the pieces of paper for her to take “While I was in there, I remembered something that Walter wanted me to give you, if he ever… You know. Do you want to use my phone?” Skyler looked at the pieces of paper for a while, before replying “No, I’ve got to pick up Holly from day care.”

“Okay” Saul replied and walked her over to the door and unlocked and opened it. Skyler walked out of the office and to her car, Saul was looking around to make sure that no-one was watching them. As Skyler slid the key into the lock of her car, she turned and looked back at Saul. “Thanks, ” she said, in a sincere tone “for everything that you have done for me and my family.” Saul smiled back at her but did not reply. He seemed to have forgotten about looking around for anyone spying on them. Skyler sat in her car, switched on the ignition, drove out of the car park and onto the road.

Saul did not move back inside of his office until he could no longer see the back of Skyler’s car. He felt both relieved and sad. Relieved that he would no longer be working with any of the White family, but sad that this was and end of a chapter in his life. A life that he was going to take far, far away from here.

Skyler pulled up outside of a large house on the corner of a friendly looking street. Once more, she reached into the glove compartment and pulled out a pack of mints, popping one of them in her mouth to mask the smell of cigarettes. She got out of the car and walked up to the house.

Ten minutes later, she was walking out with Holly in her arms. Although she did not want to be away from her while she was so young, she also did not want her to come with her to the morgue. She opened the back door and sat Holly into her baby-seat, carefully ensuring that she was correctly strapped in. Closing the door, she looked around at her surroundings, she used to live in a nice neighbourhood like this, before everything went bad.

She got into the car, noticing all the things on the passenger seat, she quickly shoved them back into the glove compartment and drove off, back to their apartment.

Once she had fed and bathed Holly, she sat at the table looking at her in the crib. Skyler wished she felt the same as her daughter, who knew nothing about what her father had done, nothing about what had happened to him. Skyler longed for this feeling once more.

Skyler pulled over the phone that was sitting on the table, whilst also retrieving the pieces of paper from her pocket. She was about to dial the number when she saw the letter. She began to read.

The name Breaking Bad are licensed and owned by Sony Entertainment. Along with the following characters:

  • Walter White
  • Skyler White
  • Holly White
  • Jesse Pinkman
  • Saul Goodman
  • Brandon “Badger” Mayhew

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