As a way of trying to improve my writing skills, and also improve my vocabulary for a number of different reasons, I have recently been writing some short stories; as you may have seen with the Breaking Bad ones.

The main reason for this is that I have a number of exams that I will soon have to undertake. Amongst other things, they will be marked on “effectiveness of communication” and one of the criteria is that there is “little, or no, spelling or grammatical errors“. Because I got an A in the last exam, this is Media Studies by the way, so I want to keep this going. Because I have set the bar high from the last exam, I will need to ‘work my socks off’ to maintain and reach it once more.

In the exam we will have to evaluate the work that we completed for the coursework side of the course, and also speak about media regulations and the issues within, like the Leveson Enquiry and the Public Right to Information.

The reviewing my work side of the exam I am fairly confident about, as I have been doing this for almost every large piece of work or project that I have completed. It’s the regulations half that I am not as confident about. This is because I have never really understood the political issues surrounding topics like this, but I will need to learn. It was the same as the Music Industry I had to sit last year, but I guess I did all right in that.


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