Redesigning Twitter

Twitter, as a whole, is very well designed. But, there are some elements that are not really needed, or could be better arranged to make the overall site more appealing. Take a look at the image below:

Twitter Red

As you can see, I have highlighted the two sections that I think aren’t really necessary.  These will either be moved into a new menu area, which would be accessed via a new button, or removed completely.

The proposed redesign of the website can be seen below.

Twitter Redesign

The changes I have proposed remove the sidebar, with some of the elements being moved to a different part of the page. As you can see, the profile image and name have been moved to the top right of the page. Next to this, the menu icon can be seen. This would, when pressed, make a rest of the previous sidebar slide in the from the right. I have also shortened the search bar, but it would stretch to the full size when typed in.

The is room for improvement, like adding the “Compose New Tweet” text area. This could either appear in the expandable menu, or at the very top of the tweet list, either was would work just as well.


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