Graphic Design

Achievement Hunter Avatars

A year and a half ago, I used to be a pretty active member of the RoosterTeeth Forums, speaking to people and posting about various topics, all the regular things that people do in Forums.

Well, there was one particular thread where members would ask for a customized avatar, based around the Achievement Hunter Logo. After a while of looking through the avatars that other members had been creating, I thought I’m pretty good at Photoshop. I should do this. So I did.

The first few trys at making them didn’t go too well, and as it turned out, I didn’t know how to use Photoshop as much as I thought I did. But, practice makes perfect, so I stuck at it.

In the space of 3 months, I got quite good and known for making avatars, to the point where members were beginning to bypass the thread and send messages directly to me, asking if I would make them their own avatar. It was a great feeling knowing that someone, somewhere was happy and enjoying something that I had created.

The main reason that I began to make these avatars we because of something that Brian Behm, the Lead of the RoosterTeeth Art Team, Tweeted me:

That was my goal. I understand now that 10,ooo hours is a damn long time, and that I didn’t do this for nearly enough time to become even close to an “expert”. But, nevertheless, I enjoyed what I was doing.

I do think that the time I spent making a avatars for members of the RoosterTeeth community definitely allowed me to get better and enhance my skills when designing, even if they were based around an already existing logo. I mean, just look at one of my first avatars compared to my most recent one (from 10 October 2014):

One of My First Avatars

Honestly, I am a little ashamed of this. When I first did it, I thought it was incredible, and that no one, not even the most skilled Photoshop user would be able to change those rough edges.

My Most Recent Avatar

The most recent one looks far cleaner, there are no ragged edges. It’s also in the “flat” style that has become very popular in the last year.

Squidward AH Avatar

Anyway, I think that I have progressed more with my design skill since I started creating these avatars. I’ve since stopped to do them, but I want to get back into it.

Thanks for reading.