17th September 2014 – Nineteen Eighty-Four

Alright? I haven’t really been posting a lot recently, partly because of some design stuff I had to do, and also partly because I’m in the process of looking for a ‘proper’ job. I know, it sucks. Among everything that’s going on, there’s one subject that I cannot stop thinking about: the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

I should start this off by saying that I’m currently reading it, and that it’s brilliant! Like, I don’t think I’ve ever read anything as powerful or as poignant as this. I should also say that I don’t really know where this post is going, so please forgive me if I ramble on about nothing in particular, which let’s be honest, is entirely possible.

Reading this has made me realize something: I absolutely love Dystopian narratives. Thinking about, almost all of my favourite books, films and games are Dystopian. 1984 (obviously), Fight Club, Brave New World, Battle Royale, etc. I don’t know what it is, it’s just a brilliant genre/style.

Anyway, because this book’s constantly on my mind, I can’t help but notice, or imagine, similarities between the fictional Oceania and the real world we live in. Think about it, we live paying tax to people who control almost everything we do. There are bodies that regulate the media we see/hear/read, they have total control over what we consume. Going down to a much more basic level, there are companies that charge us for water. That’s one of the essential things we need for survival, and it’s controlled by a few companies. Thinking about America for a moment, their government put up a false façade of freedom, but are able to control every aspect of their lives, without even being noticed.

If you haven’t read 1984, I won’t go into great detail about the plot as to not spoil it, I’ll only mention one thing. In the novel, the population is spied upon at all times of the day via devices named Telescreens, which are in all residences, with only the people of higher power being able to shut them off. Does this remind you of anything?

In Britain, there are CCTV cameras everywhere, and I mean everywhere. In fact, we’re the ‘most watched nation’. Yes, there may not be cameras in everybody’s house, spying one everyone all the time, but it’s almost guaranteed that there’s one on every road, at least in the built up, more populated areas. At any point, when you’re out-and-about in Britain, you never know if you’re being watched. Most of us try to put it at the back of our minds, but from reading 1984, I’m always on the look out for CCTV. Yeah, some people would argue that they’re a good thing, the cameras, stating that they prevent crime, but they don’t. If you live in Britain, and have never really thought about this, have a look around the next time you’re walking through town, I bet you’ll see more CCTV than ever before.

We’re controlled, there’s no question. Everything you’ve watched or read today, that’s part of the mass media, has been regulated, and potentially changed, before it was deemed ‘suitable’ to be broadcasted and shown to the masses. I think this is another reason that I like Fight Club. Tyler addresses this very thing, and makes plans to put it to a stop. He speaks about how money and wealth is just another way of controlling the masses, and making sure that the powerful remain powerful.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve thought about what the world would be like if there was no government, there was no money or no property. This would put everyone on a level playing field, so to speak. I do want to write something about this, but this post is not the place for it. Do you think it’s possible though, to get enough people on your side to spark a revolution? A revolution in the sense of Fight Club. Destroying banks, removing money and wealth?

Anyway, that’s about it. I’m sorry if I rambled on a bit. Thanks for reading! If you’ve any thoughts about anything like this, please comment below!

Until next time, be safe. ❤


What If: You Were Given £1 Billion?

“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver” – Ayn Rand

This quote sums up my view on money perfectly, you should never let the amount of money that you have in your bank account control the way you think or the way you act.

But that doesn’t answer the question, What would I do if I was given £1 Billion tomorrow?”

I think that I’d be fairly boring with the money. With any amount of money, comes the desire to have more of it. So based on this, I’d more than likely invest in a company.

Of course that wouldn’t be the only thing that I would do with it. I think that I’d try to do some good with a fair bit of the money. But I’d like to be able to ‘waste’ some or spend it on a whim.

I mean, I can’t drive, but I’ve always fancied the idea of owning a Porsche 911. I don’t know why, they’re not a particularly good looking car, they’re not the fastest or most powerful in the business, but I’ve just always liked them.

Something else that I’ve always wanted to be able to do is to walk into a shop, like HMV or something, and say “I’ll take one of everything.”

But the things that I have mentioned thus far, with the exception of the boring investment section, have been for personal gain.

So, what would I do with the rest of the money that isn’t for me?

Well, there are loads of incredibly worthy charities out there that deserve vast amounts of money. One such charity that I really care about is Help for Heroes.

The work that this charity does for soldiers that have been injured, not just physically but mentally, by the effects of war is amazing. These soldiers are so often neglected by the government once their time is the Armed Forces is completed, but Help for Heroes is there to make sure that they don’t go unnoticed.

I’d love to be able to give this charity as much money as possible to help them reach as many soldiers as they cans. It’s only right that the soldiers who protected us are well looked after when they return home.

I’d also want to be able to give money to my parents, for them to do whatever they want with. They’ve always been there to support me, so I’d like to be able to give something back.

Okay, so that just about covers it all. What else is there? Well, I live in a town named Bognor Regis. Just imagine a Rubbish Dump with a few houses thrown on top, then you have a pretty good idea of what Bognor looks like.

Honestly, no amount of money is going to restore to its once beautiful self. Rather than donating money to help renovate the town, it probably be more effective to level the town and start from scratch.

So, instead of donating money to the town, I’d more than likely move out of Bognor, actually out of England all together. I’ve always liked the idea of living in America…

You’ve read this far, so by now you probably have a good idea of what you would do if you were given a billions pounds. So the question I pose you is:

What would YOU do with £1 billion?