26 August 2014 | Not Tired?

Here we are again. It’s four in the fucking morning and I’m not asleep. Such is life. This got me thinking though, is it possible to train your body to not need as much sleep as it normally would.

I mean, for the past, like, 5 months (?) I’ve been getting very little sleep, most of it through my own doing. And now, I really don’t need to sleep that much, at least not as much as I would have before all this. Take, for example, a couple of weeks ago. I was knockin’ about at a friend’s house, watching films, getting bevved, etc, and I got no sleep. Like none. I’m pretty sure she fell asleep at some point, but I know for sure I was up all night. The point to this is that the next morning, I was fine. I didn’t feel tired at all. Nothing was effected by the lack of sleep.

I know, 100%, that I never used to be like this. Back in the day, when I had school work to do, I’d often stay up super late getting shit done, at the cost of the next day. I was a zombie for the day after, which meant I was wide awake for the next night. “It’s a vicious cycle” as a friend once put it. Now, however, I often pull all-nighters, both for work and for why not? and be fine the day after. I did find, back when I needed to be up late for school, that’d I’d often produce my best work at these times. I’d have a certain point when I past being tired. I guess the adrenaline would kick in, and I’d get a boost of energy. At this point, working became so easy. If I was writing something, the words would just flow out, appearing on the screen almost with not effort. It was glorious.

I can still hit this point now, but it’s not as easy as it used to be. Nowadays, I need to get proper juiced on caffeine, like seriously juiced. I’ve only done this a few times, and although each time it’s been great (ridiculous work flow, insane productivity) I’ve crashed hugely the next day. At one point, I found myself falling asleep whilst using my laptop, like just nodding off. I guess it’s good I don’t need to do this too often.

Being able to stay awake like I can now does have it’s advantages though. I guess for a bit of backstory, I should tell you that I make Tumblr Themes, both for fun and to sell. More times than not, I’ve got ‘real world’ shit to do during the day, be it going out with people or whatever, so the only time that I get to work is at night. Distractionless coding at night is wonderful. Everything seems to come together a lot better than it does in the day. Don’t ask me why, it just feels like it does. One other thing that working at night is good for is listening to music. I tend to purchase shit loads of albums, most of which that I never get a chance to listen to, at least listen to properly. In fact, even now, I have Adobe Dreamweaver and iTunes open. A Theme half-built in one, and Mac Miller’s Watching Movies with the Sound Off playing on the other.

So, I guess to you can train your body to not need a lot of sleep, well, to some extent you can. I’ve always wondered what my threshold would be. I mean, how long would I be able to go, un-juiced, without sleep. Like, how many days would pass until I just couldn’t take it any more? I honestly doubt that I’ll ever test this. It would be cool to know my number, but I doubt I’d enjoy the experience. I kinda like the idea of hallucinating, without having to take anything. Presumably, there would be not long time effects of doing this. I mean, Randy Gardner did it, and he was fine after. But, as they say, no two subjects are the same.

I’ve wrote one of these posts for the last two nights, including this one. I probably won’t write one tomorrow, or any day next week. I want to get back to work properly and finish off a few Themes I’ve got ‘in the works’, so to speak. Besides, everything gets back to normal today. Yesterday was a Bank Holiday, so I didn’t need to get fully stuck into the programming, but the rest of the week, I will.

That’s about it for tonight. I’ve got a few idea for some more posts, so they could either be written tonight, or written some when else, who knows? But anyways, thanks for reading. Much love. <3.



Cocoon of Safety

The warmth, comfort and stability of my current surroundings are magnificent. Words cannot begin to describe how wonderfully gorgeous my current location is. There is near silence, with a slight, quiet sound of the breeze rolling over me. It’s bliss. I feels as though I’m floating, but I can feel something soft beneath me. I’m not even thinking consciously, it’s more like I’m simply being. I’m in a cocoon of safety.

This feeling remains for what feels like an eternity.

What’s that? A noise. Quiet at first, but then suddenly it rips through the serene calm air around me. The darkness has gone, replaced with a greyer, slightly lit blur in front of my eyes. The noise still pertains. I can’t quite locate the source of it. Where is that noise coming from?

It’s all becoming more focussed. My hearing is gradually becoming sharper and as for that noise, I think I’ve found it. It’s emitting from right beside me, to my left, I’m sure of it. My vision is coming back. I can make out lines of what looks like a soft material surrounding me.

I can’t take that noise anymore. It’s driving me insane!

Raising my left arm, I bring it down on what I feel to be the source of the noise. A monumental crash echoes in my ears. Almost too scared to look at what I have just stuck, I peer out of my slowly receding net of safety. What I see, I instantly recognise.

It’s black, with a rectangle containing what looks to be red digits, but I can’t quite make them out, my eyes are still a tad blurry. But then, complete understanding hits me, and I’m more scared than I have ever been. This is it I think to myself another day has begun.

I sit upright, push what I now know to be a duvet off of me, stand up and begin the process of getting ready for work.

What was I ever afraid of?