I Think This Might be a Regular Thing

I wrote about what I did on Friday, and it didn’t go too badly, and, more importantly, it was fun. It essentially involved my writing about all aspects of the day, from the point of which I went into school, to the end of the day when I sat down to write the post.

As part of my plan on getting better at written work, I would like to do this sort of thing everyday. It might be a push, because of the other work that I have to do, but it should hopefully pay off in the long run.

It’s still not decided if I would actually write the at the end of each day, or wait until the end of the week and post all five days (Monday to Friday) in one long post.

There may be one of these appearing tomorrow, there may not.


The Subject of Science

I’m a student. That much is evident from my header. I study ICT, Media and *groans* Science, which is the focus of this post.

Science is the subject that I took because I wanted to ‘fill a gap’ so to speak. I have no real interest in it, other than using it in ways that disprove religion. (which isn’t hard really, is it?)

Both ICT and Media have had deadlines that needed to be met, which meant that I’ve been avoiding doing work for Science, in favour of getting other stuff done for the Media and ICT. This has been the case for about two weeks.

During this time of being away from Science, I’ve realized that I truly do not care about it. That thought has always been in the back of my mind, but I’ve never really looked into it too much.

I understand that it was my fault for taking the subject in the first place. That, if I knew I didn’t like it, I shouldn’t have chosen it. But the fact of the matter is, I enjoyed it for the first year.

You see, for the first half of the course (two years) we had an incredible teacher. He was more than willing to look at your work, he was incredible helpful, and, arguably more importantly, he wasn’t pushy.

For you to understand this, I should explain how the course works.

Science at A-Level, or at least the course that I’m doing, is a BTEC. This means that all the work is coursework that needs to be submitted at the end of the two years, and that there is no formal examination to look forward to. This was one of the appeals to me when signing up. Before Sixth Form, I had taken another BTEC Science course in which me, and some other classmates, competed all of the two years worth of work in two weeks. Basically, so long as all of the work is completed by the end of the year, it doesn’t matter when we do it.

When the current Science course I’m taking came into the second year, there was a teacher change, with the first, and better, one moving to another school. We couldn’t not have a teacher, so another came and took the originals place.

When describing the first teacher, I said that he wasn’t pushy. This is where the two teachers differ wildly.

This new one wants the work completed when it suits her. That is not how a BTEC works.

Instead of marking the work when we complete it, which is much more effective, she tells us that, for example, she wants a whole unit in by the end of the week.

One of these self-set deadlines made an appearance when other work for Media and ICT was due in. So, with my main focusses being these two subjects, I didn’t do the work for Science. It was during this time that I came to my conclusion of:¬†I don’t care about Science¬†any more.

I should be doing the work, I know that. Right now, I could be working on a document about soil or something, but instead I’m here writing this.

The way I see it is:

  • I’m not going to need Science. I want to be a Web Designer. Why would I need to know about Cell Differentiation or Diffusion?
  • I have exams coming up for both subjects, plus more coursework for ICT.
  • So long as the Science work is completed by the end of the year, it’s all good.

This isn’t just my view either. Most of the people in my class share the exact same opinion. Even the people who joined this year, who didn’t have the original teacher to compare the new to, thinks she’s awful.

What is good though, someone in the class found a website called Nygma Science. It basically has completed work for everything that we’ve been doing. Just copy the work, change some of the words, and Bob’s your uncle.